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  • Clean Stand-Up Comedy
  • 5 shows
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  • open bar
Bobbie Shropshire

Bobbie Shropshire

Bobbie has been a stand up comic since she figured out that being funny was a way to work an hour a day and spend the rest of the time messing around with her boat. Bobbie lived for years in Los Angeles where she was a paid regular at the World Famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip as well as a regular at the Improv on Melrose in Hollywood appearing alongside comedy legends including Andrew Dice Clay, George Carlin and Richard Pryor, to name a few.

Bobbie has acted in many national commercials and has also done her share of independent film work; where the craft services table had a loaf of bread, a package of baloney and a knife sticking out of the mayonnaise jar. After securing employment working as a producer on the number one show in Daytime Television, Bobbie spent some time flying all over the USA shooting segments for Dr. Phil. She loved the job and turned in some of the show’s most memorable moments.

Currently, Bobbie is an artist living in a studio on the water in the Southeast United States where she awakens every morning to a spectacular sunrise. She can see her big cruiser at the dock from the windows by her easel as she continues to add to the Zen Ocean series that has become very popular with collectors of maritime art.

Larry Elliott

Larry Elliott and the Spirit of Santa Claus have happily converged every Holiday Season for the last 25 years. Adults he amazed years ago now wait in gleeful anticipation for Larry to delight their children, which is a testament to his enduring appeal. Larry takes the embodiment of Santa to new levels, entertaining not only families but everyone from the inmates at a Women’s Prison (Santa likes bad girls too!) to Comedy Clubs where his merry musical take on Holiday favorites never fails to leave his audiences wanting more.

For 7 years, Larry was the Hollywood Christmas Parade Santa Claus, appearing on television stations around the globe. Once, just for laughs during a live, no delay broadcast, Larry, as Santa, asked Alex Trebek, who was doing color commentary, if he could buy a vowel. The look on Alex Trebek’s face was priceless!

From an extremely successful opening act to family headliner, Larry Elliott brings a joy and offbeat goofiness so necessary in today’s world where sometimes it seems all we lack is sweet and gentle humor delivered by a truly good soul.