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Rocky Whatule

With Appearances on Friends, MTV's Rob an Big, Showtime, Jamie Kennedy X-periment, and former host of the TV show Sunset Stripped, And current host of the Hollywood Rockin Wrap Up, this sixteen-year veteran of television and stage will keep everyone in stitches, with humor from all walks of life.

From dating to married life, from friends to family, from observations to experiences, from people to animals, Rocky Whatule is an all around great entertainer Rocky has been in the entertaining business since he was five years old. Being the youngest of five boys in an Italian family he has the "Look at me Complex," but once he has your attention you will never want the show to end. Believe me he knows what's funny -- and its him.

Although he takes comedy very seriously he lives by his motto: "You have to mature; you don't have to grow up".

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Jack Mayberry

Jack Mayberry began doing comedy on the road at a very early age. Unfortunately the road was the one in front of his house in rural west Texas and traffic was moving very fast.

Having discovered broadcasting as an attractive alternative to the family profession of cotton farming, Jack spent two years in the prestigious morning drive posisiton in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Then for eight years Jack was on the air in the top ten market of Houston, Texas. During that time he received awards for on air performance, voice­over work and commercial production. Then he discovered stand up comedy!

The Comedy Workshop in Houston, Texas was jumping. Crowds were lined up around the block to get in. And on the marquee, "Tonight: Jack Mayberry." Jack had found his calling. Soon he signed off on his radio career and began traveling around the country headlining at colleges, comedy clubs and corporate events. Within five years he had moved to Hollywood and was appearing regularly on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Since then Jack has appeared on numerous television programs such as, A & E’s “Evening at the Improv”, NBC’s “Hot Country Nights”, several Comedy Central specials and over twenty­five airings on the “Tonight Show”. Jack has also entertained U.S. and UN Peacekeeping troops worldwide including “hot spots” like Iraq and Afghanistan and “cold spots” like Alaska and Iceland.

Jack Mayberry is doing what he loves; “stand­up comedy.” Jack lives in southern California and is currently working on several writing projects including an upcoming one man show.