• Season Two
  • Clean Stand-Up Comedy
  • 5 shows
  • buffet
  • open bar

Michael Mancini

Michael Mancini is, hands down, “The World’s Funniest Cop.” He won that title three years in a row — 2003, 2004 and 2005 — competing against other police officers with Jay Leno hosting. He continues to develop his act and consistently delivers. A word of advice? When you go see Mancini, be prepared to laugh non-stop and remember to breathe.

The beauty of Mancini’s stand-up is his presence on stage. While mischievous and energetic, Mancini remains warm and genuine. Even if no sound came out of his funny mouth, his clever brain, antics, expressions and movements would be enough to keep people rolling in the isles. He connects with his audience effortlesslyand his sound effects punctuate the punch lines and add delightful and hilarious texture throughout his act.

A 30 year veteran of comedy and a police officer for 17 years, Michael has performed for comedy clubs and law enforcement agencies all over the US and Canada. He brings humor into all aspects of life when dealing with law enforcement from traffic stops, foot pursuits to arrests. Because “that's the way he rolls.”

Website: www.worldsfunniestcop.com

Frances Dilorinzo

Frances Dilorinzo is a viral sensation with her comedy video “Homemade Implants” garnishing over 4 million views on YouTube! With her Internet success, came demands to perform for corporate events across the country, including a request from Warren Buffet, himself!

As a young girl, Frances Dilorinzo family moved to California from Michigan when she was just 10 and she found herself in the ideal place to follow her dream. She began her career without even knowing it when she took the mandatory speech class as a freshman in college. There, she discovered the comedy gene lying dormant within her DNA. She was a natural! Immediately, she was recruited to compete on the Forensic Team for Saddleback College and brought home the CA Gold Medal for two consecutive years. In 2011, Saddleback honored her by electing her alumni of the year and she delivered the commencement speech to the graduating student body.

College, lead to comedy clubs, and comedy clubs lead to television! Her style is sarcastic yet respectful, silly yet insightful, her material is relatable, and her delivery is often physical. Her fan base is both men and women, young and old…because when you are funny everyone has a good time!

Frances Dilorinzo’s television credits include appearances on NBC, ABC, CBS, TLC, LIFETIME, BRAVO, and COMEDY CENTRAL. Live events include: hosting THE GOLDEN FOODIES in Orange County for three consecutive years, USO Tours worldwide and performing on top cruise lines everywhere. In addition to touring, Frances is the President of Comedy Entertainment, an Orange County based agency that provides comedy talent for high-end country clubs and corporate events nationwide.

website: www.funnyfrances.com