• Season three
  • Clean Stand-Up Comedy
  • 5 shows
  • buffet
  • open bar


Mrs. Hughes has become an Internet comedy sensation as a grandmother who has learned to embrace modern technology to spread her pearls of motherly and grandmotherly wisdom. Her act is punctuated with pithy observations on parenting, hot flashes, and husbands, “They’re like brassieres. Sometimes you just want to be rid of them and go free. But you can’t ‘cause you need the support." It was just this sort of remark that caught the eye of the Russ Berrie Company who featured Mrs. Hughes’ likeness and writing her own line of greeting cards. “According to Carol” was in 100,000 stores and gift shops throughout the United States. When Merv Griffin found her, he instantly made her the comedy star of his revue, “Love and Kisses” at Resorts in Atlantic City and then “Island Fever” near Las Vegas.

So if anyone happens to ask, “What’s a nice lady like Mrs. Hughes doing in a Comedy Club?” The answer is, “Cracking people up!”

Website: www.mrshughes.com


Jack Mayberry is an American stand-up comedian. He made his television debut in 1982 on Showtime's Comedy Club Network. Since he has made over two hundred more television appearances including over 20 appearances on NBC's The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. During the 1992 U.S. presidential election, Mayberry portrayed Ross Perot in over 20 sketches on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Jack's comedy spans from family including his memorable grandfather remembering "where everything didn't used to be" to cutting edge topical observations and political ponderings. He lives in Los Angeles, California and tours worldwide.

Jack closed out our first season with a bang and we are thrilled to have him returning to the Mazatlan Comedy Club!

website: www.jackmayberry.com