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Diane Nichols

Diane Nichols

Diane Nichols was born and raised in San Francisco. As an early Baby Boomer who lived in the Haight Ashbury when her generation came into flower power, she has used her comedy to chronicle their adventures and struggles to accept growing older. "We thought we would change the world. Our mantra was, 'Question Authority' and it still is, only now it's, "Excuse me, are you the manager here? No one is waiting on me!".

Diane has appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, David Letterman, multiple times on "Merv Griffin", "Evening At The Improv" and "Politically Incorrect" with Bill Maher. Her performance on HBO's "Women Of The Night" led to many national TV appearances and dozens of local morning shows throughout America, Canada, Denmark and Sweden. Newsweek Magazine called Diane, "the heroine of the 9 to 5 crowd". Being based in Hollywood gave her the chance to stretch her comedy chops on unique gigs like hosting the Academy of Picture Arts and Sciences, "Tribute to Lucille Ball" and as Mistress of Ceremonies at the Ralston-Purina, "Meow Off" where she learned that "you cannot get a cat out of a shower stall if she's determined to give birth." The Desert Theatre League rewarded her a prestigious "Desert Palm" award for her comedy.

Website: www.fb.com/mynicholsworth

Keith Ross Nelson

Keith Ross Nelson

Keith Ross Nelson has been making people laugh for a quarter of a century. He has appeared on Entertainment Tonight, Hulu's Comedy Time, Evening at the Improv. and won the Portland Comedy Competition in 2005. His fruitful career and a knack for witty commentary on everyday things has allowed him to share his talent and put smiles on people's faces all over the world. In addition to being a great comedian, Keith is also director, co-writer and star of the TV series, Electives. He starred in well-received independent films, Mobsters and Mormons and The R.M. In 2011 Keith was featured in the Who's Who and there was a segment on him in the LA Times and the Daily News.

Keith is also a very talented athlete who finished second in the World High Jumping Championships in 1998 and first in three National Championships. He held the Masters High Jump record in his age group for seven years (2000-2007), was ranked #1 in 2000 for outdoor high-jumping and in 2006 for indoor high-jumping. Whether on stage, TV or a field next to a vertical bar, this Kung Fu Black Belt was born to perform.

website: www.keithrossnelson.com